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low theory

low theory

low theory is a bi-annual collaborative journal, reading group.


Borrowing the term from cultural theorist, Stuart Hall, Jack Halberstam uses the concept of low theory as a way to undermine heteronormative definitions of success, and to argue that failure to live up to societal standards can open up more creative ways of thinking and being.

low theory journal

Though less focused on the concept of failure, this publication is intersted in alternative, unconventional and therefore radical ways of existing in the world, as part of decolonial and emancipatory praxis. low theory is focused on bringing together a multicplity of makers who, through their creative output, seek out new forms of knowledge and interdependent ways of being.


low theory is a not-for-profit initiative and each issue fundraises for a different charity organisation. Previous issues have supported BlackLivesMatter and The Okra Project.


Issue 1: Creativity and Time (June 2020)


Issue 2: The Body (Dec 2020)

Issue 3: Forthcoming (April 2022) - click to submit!

low theory reading group

low theory reading group is a bi-monthly virtual reading group in which we explore, through fiction, poetry, theory and more, alternative modes of thinking and expression. The reading group functions collaboratively and welcomes reading suggestions from all participating members. The selected text must be readable in approximately one hour.

***We will resume in February 2022

Past Sessions


# 1 (15.10.20)

sick woman theory by johanna hedva


# 2 (29.10.20)

an army of lovers by david buuck and juliana spahr


# 3 (12.11.20)

selections from the wretched of the screen by hito steyerl


# 4 (26.11.20)

music and media by laurie spiegel

to fight or flight by reem shadid


# 5 (06.12.20)

hatefuck the reader by penny goring


# 6 (25.02.21)

detail of the rice chest by monica young

speaking in tongues: a letter to 3rd world women writers by gloria anzaldúa

Email for more information or to join. 

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